New website launched

JGH Group has just launched their brand new website, jgh-group.com.

“For more than 50 years we in the JGH Group has been less visible than desired.

But we are very proud of what we are doing and all the positive changes that we are a part of creating in some of the world’s most remote and exposed places,” says CEO Thomas Algreen Nielsen.

“And now we have somewhere to showcase who we are and what we do.”

The new website has been designed and developed in close cooperation with the digital bureau Peytz & Co.

Peytz & Co created a new visual identity that underlines the story of a well renowned and reliable Danish trade company with projects all over the world.

“It has been exiting to work with JGH Group that operates all over the world and is a key player in changing living conditions in remote areas in delevoping countries,” says Claus Sølvsteen, partner at Peytz & Co.

Peytz & Co will continue to work closely together with JGH Group as a digital consultancy.