JGH Solar off to a good start in 2020 

It has been an impressing start of the year for JGH Solar. The team has successfully landed 3 big projects that will be completed before summer.

The 3 projects are all commissioned and funded by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme).

For Cameroun JGH Solar will deliver 15 minor solar systems (5KW) in the capital Yaoundé. The solar systems will used for powering medical clinics and medical store houses.

Under the UNPD Health Programme JGH is installing a stand alone solar system (25KW) in Malawi. The system will be used as a backup power source in case of power failure during bad weather or other climate circumstances.

The 25 KW system is to be delivered during spring to Blantyre, the second largest city in Malawi.

In Pakistan JGH will deliver 900 Solar Home Systems (250W). The small solar kits contains a console and a solar panel and will be able to power small business in remote villages in Pakistan.

Deliverance will be in April 2020 followed by a three month troubleshooting and maintenance.

JGH Solar has also successfully finished 3 other solar projects at the end of last year.

In Zimbabwe a large 200 KW PV solar plant was signed off. The plant is already operating.

In Ghana a 105 KW PV solar system is in full effect and in Angola 2 solar systems (10 KW and 100 KW) were delivered. 

All of these projects were commissioned and funded by the UNDP, United Nations Development Programme.

If you want to know more please contact Mads Finnerup, International Project Manager, JGH Solar.