MV Sigulu handed over to Uganda National Roads Authority

JGH has recently handed over the MV Sigulu landing craft ferry to Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA).

MV Sigulu, Uganda
Richard Paskins, Director of Operations, JGH Marine together with Simon Masiko, engineer at UNRA’s ferry team.

The ferry was built on site in JGH mobile shipbuilding site in Jinja. The ferry was  completed in 2019, and since has followed approval phase ending in April.

Now the ferry is fully in the hand of its owner, Uganda National Roads Authority.

The 44 meter long MV Sigulu is planned to serve the Namayingo district in Uganda, from the mainland to the islands in Lake Victoria, hereunder the Sigulu island and has capacity for 18 cars (or trucks, but then fewer) and 300 passenger with max speed of 10 knots.

The construction of the ferry took place at the shores of Lake Victoria in Jinja, Uganda under class supervision.

JGH looks forward to seeing the ferry serve the people of Uganda for a long period.

JGH is further proud to have trained and utilized a significant number of Ugandan workforce during the period.

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