JGH turned solar projects into Covid-19 facilities

JGH Solar quickly rearranged installation of several Solar installations in Yemen to help fight the COVID 19 pandemic in the country.

JGH Solar just designed and delivered 82 solar systems for health facilities throughout Yemen. 

The electricity grid in Yemen has been down since the start of the war in 2015. Therefore, solar energy and diesel generators have become the main power source throughout the country. 

The solar project was financed by UNDP and the end user is the Ministry of Health in Yemen.

During the delivery of materials to our local partner’s warehouse in Sana’a, the Corona Virus crisis escalated and the Ministry of Health in Yemen decided to organize Isolation Centers to quarantine persons infected with COVID 19, and to minimize the spread of the pandemic. 

These isolation centers are within existing health facilities. The government asked UNDP to change some of the solar energy system locations to be installed in the COVID Isolation Centers and expedite the work.

JGH Solar, with the support of our local partner, managed to rearrange locations and quickly start the installations on these sites. We have now installed solar systems in 6 facilities, which are already delivering clean energy to these Covid Isolation Centres.

The rest will be finished shortly to help stop the COVID 19 pandemic.