Lasse Hviid Schmidt new head of UN-LTA

As a part of the new organizational structure at JGH Group Lasse Hviid Schmidt has been appointed to the position of Head of the UN-LTA department.

Lasse Hviid Schmidt, UN-LTA

Lasse has been a part of JGH since 2019 and has extensive experience working with international business and humanitarian projects all over the world.

Together with Tony Michael Carstensen he will be working with all the UN partners to supply them with the best long term agreements. Among the many UN entities the UN-LTA department is already partnering with are among others UNDP, UNPD, UNICEF, UNOPS and UNGSC.

Our partnership with the UN has always been a high priority at JGH and that is why we formed the UN-LTA department early 2021.

Lasse will be focusing on building JGH Group as an even more reliable and effective partner for the UN entities.

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