JGH Group met with Suriname minister

Thomas Algreen Nielsen and Anders Dahl, JGH Group, met with the Suriname minister of natural resources, mr. David Abiamofo, when they visited the Natural Ministry of Natural Resources in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname.

The meeting was set up to go through the solar project in the village of Godo Holo. Attending the meeting were members of the Multi Electrical Systems NV (MES), JGH Group’s local partner in Suriname and representatives of EBS, Energie Bedrijven Suriname, the national energy company.

At the meeting attended Rachêle van de Scheur-Rijker, Nancy Wijngaarde and Janelle Caupain, all from the Ministry of Natural Resources, Ernesto Kasban from EBS and Alan Djojodikromo and Coman from MES.

The Godo Holo project is a 250 kWp SVP Micro Grid that will ensure Godoholo electricity 24/7. The power plant will replace the previous diesel engine that only provided power for a few hours a day.

The Project is funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), and is expected to be fully operational at the end of this year.