When going gets tough, JGH gets going

When implementing projects, JGH Group is working all over the world. Even in some of the most remote places, where transportation conditions are not optimal – to say the least.

The rain had turned the roads into mud pits when JGH Solar delivered 2 solar plants for the national power company in Central African Republic.

Like this project in CAR, Central African Republic, where JGH Solar is delivering two solar plants for the national power company.

As a core element of our business we make sure that we always deliver projects where others are usually not able to. This commitment requires that we also plan the transportation of equipment all the way from the suppliers to the sites, where they are needed.

In cooperation with our transportation partner, we planned this deliverance. But not that the roads on the way were almost non existing and literally drowned by the rain.

Our trucks got stuck so deep in the mud, that they had to be both dug out and then hauled up by a crane.

It was amazing to experience how the locals and the crew managed this challenge – and got the equipment to the site in time.

And this is far from the only time where the conditions were not optimal, like the time when we had to transport a solar generator on a canoe to a small village in the middle of the  Suriname jungle.