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Bridging the gap between buyers and manufacturers worldwide since 1959

The JGH Group has been a part of the international trade scene since 1959, and ever since then, we have continued supplying our goods and services to satisfied customers worldwide.

Originally rooted in the timber and wood trade, we later steadily expanded our reach to comprise many other sectors, including energy, infrastructure, machinery and relief.

Through many decades of focused efforts the JGH Group developed into a well reputed and reliable trading partner for Governments throughout Africa, Latin-America and Oceania.

Today we continue to supply goods and services to our clients, funded by international donor organizations such as the United Nations, European Union and the World Bank.

Switching on the light in remote villages

In 2003 JGH Group completed our first supply of PV Solar systems for rural schools in Honduras, financed by the Nordic Development Fund.

Since then, we have supplied, installed and maintained more than 500 green and sustainable systems in remote areas all over the globe, providing energy to the remotest locations of the world where no electricity grid exists.

Today we hold several long-term agreements with United Nations for the supply of Solar Solutions. Our engineers help train and spread know-how to our local partners, so they can service and maintain the systems, ensuring that the systems continue to function, providing energy to the community for many years.

The launch of JGH Marine

In the beginning of the millennium, JGH Group once again expanded our focus areas, to include boat- and shipbuilding, primarily in the Sub-Sahara African region and especially around the lake areas of East Africa. 

We have since then constructed many vessels for Government Authorities in countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique and Burundi, which help tie the regional infrastructure better together. 

The quick success within this sector has provided us with the necessary know-how and expertise to successfully construct and supply any kind of vessel, from smaller aluminium and GRP patrol boats to large Ro-Ro Ferries and Ocean Patrol Vessels (OPV).

JGH Group is Danish founded and owned, has an international perspective and a strong local presence.

UN soldier in Africa
JGH Group supplies the United Nations with Personal Protection Equipment, PPE, for their peace keeping missions around the world. Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Projects from all the world

JGH Marine

Special purpose vessels, Ro-Ro ferries and many other vessels.

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JGH Solar

Small and bigger Solar PV installations all over the world.

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JGH Machinery

Fire engines, all kind of trucks and heavy equipment.

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JGH Trade

Supplying among others UN with body armor and equipment.

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