Fabien Dondey

Fabien Dondey is from Nantes in the northern part of France, but has been living in Denmark since 2020.

He started studying law at the local university, but wanting a broader perspective he shifted path, he moved to Denmark and began his bachelor studies in Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration at Aarhus University.

He joined JGH Group as a trainee because the company shares his own values, especially about finding solutions for others.

Fabien is very passionate about helping others; together with a friends he founded a NGO, Selfless Solutions, to support education in Tanzania. Today he is volunteering as Chief Development Officer in the NGO.

The NGO was founded back in 2019 after Fabien was on a volunteer trip to Tanzania.

He speaks his native language, French, and English and some swahili (picked up on his many trips to Tanzania).