Ingy Abdelhamid, JGH Group
Project Technical Coordinator

Ingy Abdelhamid

Since April 2021 Ingy Abdelhamid has been working as a consultant for JGH Group, but from July 2022 she became a full time member of the JGH Group.

She has a BSc. Degree from Cairo University in Electrical and Power machines. 

For many years she worked as an electrical infrastructure engineer and a consultant on many projects in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Morocco, before moving to Europe with her family.

In the MiddleEast and Africa she has worked on a lot of different projects such as hospitals, office buildings, touristic resorts and even co-designed the infrastructure of a new community city.

Her first stay in Europe was in Frankfurt, Germany. Recently she moved to Malmoe, Sweden, where she started working with JGH Group to fulfill her wish to work in the renewable energy field and to make an impact and contribute to make other people’s life better. 

“That’s why I like the vision and the projects that JGH is carrying all over the world, as it has a direct impact on the lives of underprivileged people,” Ingy says.

In her spare time she likes to play tennis, swim and hike in the forest – and spend time with her two children and her husband. She is also a handball coach for her daughters’ teams.

Ingy is a native Arabic speaker, but also speaks English, French, Swedish and German.