Lasse Hviid Schmidt, JGH Group
Head of Department, UN-LTA

Lasse Hviid Schmidt

Denmark +45 4015 8088

Lasse is sourcing globally for suppliers that can deliver the winning edge in favor of JGH Group’s clients.

He holds a M.Sc. in International Marketing from Hult International Business School, Boston, and has been a part of JGH Group and the Trade Department since 2019.

Having undergone both studies and previous employment in the far-east, Lasse utilizes his experience with Asian businesses and culture in his role as International Project Manager when communicating with JGH’s many partners situated in the region.

“I enjoy being part of the Trade Department due to the diverse challenges and obstacles that goes along with offering such a diverse range of products; I’ll be sourcing for goods in China one week, while negotiating with local subcontractors in Africa the other. I thrive with the thought of never knowing what the upcoming workweek will bring,” Lasse says.