International Project Coordinator

Umit Orhan Bozyilan

Umit Orhan Bozyilan is from Istanbul, Turkey. But with a passion for adventure, he has lived and worked in four countries – Turkey, Greece (Crete), Italy (Bologna), and Denmark.

Umit has a diverse educational background, holding a BA in Business Administration from Ozyegin University in Turkey and a BSc in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology from Aalborg University. Currently, he is pursuing an MSc degree at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

Outside of his role as an International Project Coordinator at JGH Group, Umit is an avid explorer who enjoys embarking on microadventures with his international family, from sailing expeditions to spending nights in shelters.

Additionally, he partakes in folk dance, chess, and organizing social events to stay connected with my local community.

As a polyglot, Umit speaks English and Turkish fluently, while also having a good command of both Danish and Greek.