JGH Group supports The Global Goals

In 2015 the world leaders decided on 17 goals to create a better and more sustainable world by 2030.

These are the Global Goals.

JGH Group supports the Global Goal in it daily work with our projects all over the world. We try to work within the scope of all of the 17 goals, but we focus especially on these four:

  • Global Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy
  • Global Goal 9: Industry innovation and infrastructure
  • Global Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production
  • Global Goal 13: Climate action

JGH Group works with and promotes primarily partners and stakeholders focusing on their environmental impact during their production and manufacturing processes.

A large number of our partners use green energy to run their factories, leaving a minimum CO2 footprint, while other partners recycle components and use them again in their future production.

Furthermore JGH Group is supporting more sustainable consumption patterns in Africa by implementing light-replacement/low energy light projects across the continent lowering the overall power consumption.