Solar Vanuatu

1.1 Mega Watt Solar farm in Vanuatu

JGH Solar produced and installed a 1.1 Mega Watt Solar farm at Devil’s Point in Vanuatu.

The project was implemented in Vanuatu in order to minimize the fuel consumption of the diesel generators power plant that supplies the energy at Vanuatu’s main island.

The Solar plant was built especially to resist high winds as typhoons are common in the Pacific. The Solar plant is also synchronized to the windmill park already installed at Devil’s Point.

The installed Hybrid System produces power for the population at Vanuatu and assists with making the island more sustainable.

The system has been running smoothly without any major defects since the installation was completed back in June 2018.

Details of project:

  • Project: Design, Procurement, Logistics, Complete Installation, Training, Commissioning and Maintenance/After-Sales.
  • Client: UNELCO ENGIE
  • Place: Devil’s Point, Vanuatu (Pacific Region)
  • Funded by: European Union (EU)

Being a part of the success

Int. Project Manager
Mads Finnerup
Denmark: +45 2933 7191
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Renewable Energy Engineer
Juan Quemada
Denmark: +45 2367 3292
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