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250kW solar plant for Suriname

In November 2022 JGH Group handed over a 250kW solar plant to the small village of Golo Holo in the middle of the Amazonas jungle in Suriname.

Up until now the village had a fuel generator that only supplied electricity for a few hours a day.

With the new power plant the inhabitants of the village now have reliable and green energy 24/7.

Due to the pandemic the project was postponed multiple times, but earlier this year the commissioning was done and the plant was handed over to the local users.

The Vice President and the Minister switched on the solar plant in Golo Holo. Photo: Ministerie van Natuurlijke Hulpbronnen

At the commissioning of the solar plant the Vice President of Suriname, mr. Ronnie Brunswijk, the Minister of the Natural Resources, mr. David Abiamofo, and the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) representative, mr. Sergio Ballon, turned on the switch to start the plant.

This project was only made possible in a tight cooperation with many of our partners. They all work around the clock to make the final corrections and adjustments together with the Solar team at JGH Group, led by Solar engineer Sandro Abdel Hafith.

The solar plant was built and installed in a tight cooperation with the client, Natural Ministry of Natural Resources, and was funded by the World Bank.

The Golo Holo project is just one of many projects in the country’s strategy to supply many more remote villages in Suriname with reliable, green solar power.

The existing generator has a capacity of 250 kWa and is modular, which means that it is possible to expand the system.

Details of the project:

  • 250 kWp SVP Hybrid Micro Grid in Godo Holo, Suriname
  • Client: Natural Ministry of Natural Resources
  • Funded by: World Bank
  • Place: Godo Holo, Suriname
  • Capacity: 250kW
  • Generator: 200 kW KVA
  • Battery: 1 megawatt Lithium Battery

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