Delivery of 250KWp Solar plant to the Ministry of Natural Resources in Suriname

JGH Group has signed a contract for the delivery of a 250KWp solar micro grid to the remote village Godoholo in Surinam.

Godoholo is situated in the south-east part of Suriname, approximately two days into the Amazonas by canoe from capital Paramaribo.

Currently powered by a diesel generator, the inhabitants will soon have electricity generated from the 756 solar panels, enough to supply the whole village with renewable energy.

The village of Godo Holo is located app. 250 km from the capital Paramaribo. But all material have to transported by river.

The remote location makes it a challenge to domestically transport the needed equipment, which can only be done by utilizing the rivers during the rainy season.

JGH expects to hand over the system by August next year.

Details of the project:

  • Project: Turnkey delivery of 250 kWp SVP Micro Grid in Godoholo, Suriname.
  • Client: Natural Ministry of Natural Resources
  • Funded by: World Bank
  • Place: Godoholo, Suriname
  • Status: On-going
  • Size: 250kW

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