Electrical materials for the UN

JGH Group has arranged delivery of electrical materials including product types cables, switchboards, lighting poles and foundations for these.

The products have been delivered from suppliers in both the EU and China to United Nations Global Service Center (UNGSC) in Brindisi, Italy.

The delivery included that the electrical materials were delivered in 20’ shippers own containers purchased by JGH Group for this purpose.

Details of the project:

  • Project: Delivery of electrical materials
  • Client: The United Nations (UN)
  • Place: United Nations Global Service Center (UNGSC) in Brindisi, Italy
  • Funded by: United Nations
  • Status: Delivery has been made to UNGSC in Brindisi Italy from both EU and China
  • Delivery from EU was made in June 2019 and the last containers from Shanghai were delivered to UNGSC in Brindisi in September 2019

Being a part of the success

Head of Department, Execution
Karen Retoft
Denmark: +45 2153 6517
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